​​​​Elite System Solutions Ltd.

One Stop Solution for Various Mobile Surveillance Applications
√  AHD Mobile DVRs                                                                                                                                                  √  A Comprehensive Range of Vehicle Analogue CCD Cameras                                                                                √  A Comprehensive Range of Vehicle AHD Analogue Mega Pixel Cameras                                                         √  Reversing Kit with Rear View & Adjustable Parking Lines                                                                                 √  4 PIN Aviation DIN Connectors/Plugs/Cables in Various Lengths                                                                       √  Specialised Flame Retarded 4 PIN Cables (SGS Certified EU Rail Standard)                                                   √  Vehicle LCD monitors including 5"", 7"", 9"" and 10""                                                                                       √  Other Mobile CCTV Accessories Available On Request