​​​​Elite System Solutions Ltd.

​​​​​​​MDVR Accessories:                                                   1) 4G/WiFi/GPS Modules                                              2) MDVR Mouse for Easy Setup                                    3) LED Status Display Panel with Panic Button           4) 64/128GB Industrial Standard Tested SD Cards  
Vehicle LCD Monitors:                   1) 5""                                                  2) 7""                                                    3) 10"" 
4 PIN Aviation DIN Cables                                                                                                             1) Extension Cables in 1.5 m/3 m/5 m/7 m/9m/11m/15m/20m/23m                                                                        2) Conversion cables from BNCs, RCA, to 4 PIN (Audio/Video/DC12V/Ground) Connectors                                       3) Splitter                                                                                                                                                                           4) BNC Male Couplers, Power Plugs Male or Female                                                                                                      5) Other cables length or different connector type on Request                                                                                        6) European Flame Retarded Rail Certified Standard (EN60332-1) Cables in 4 PIN Aviation DIN Connectors